September 10, 2013

Rock Climbing Chalk Bag | DIY

I have lots of friends that are really into rock climbing. I started climbing myself here and there and instead of mooching off their chalk & chalk bag…I knew it was time to create my own. I found these awesome fabrics at the thrift store, they were both originally blazers so it worked out perfectly to turn into a small pouch.

Materials: Thick canvas fabric or thick blazer to cut sleeve, cord stop, cord, ribbed belt ribbon, felt, grommet & sewing machine.

If using fabric: cut one long rectangle double the desired size of your bag. *When measuring make sure your hand can fit in with wiggle room. If using blazer: measure height you want your bag to be and cut (like in photo). Cut a circle from the fabric and pin to folded rectangle. Sew securely in place, make sure there are not any holes! Repeat these steps with the fleece. Place fleece lining inside outer shell and sew together at the top. Lay pouch flat and find middle where you want to put the drawstring and place your grommet (follow instructions on grommet package). Cut two holes on either side of grommet hole to put cord through. Attach cord stopper to cord and loop through bag. Finally, add belt loop ribbon to the back of your bag. I suggest adding two for extra security. 

 After making the first one in black and white, I saw some things I wanted to change and add like a lining around the top and a second loop. I think on the next few I make I’m going to add a leather tag on the side. If you or a friend are into climbing, you should try this simple project! They make great gifts.