March 6, 2018

Round Woven Jute & Leather Bag | DIY

 I love how this bag turned out and I can’t believe how simple it was to make. It just goes to show if you can’t stop thinking about a project, you should probably make it!

With just a few materials, this bag comes together in less than an hour and a half. It’s a great way to practice different stitches on your sewing machine and new techniques with adding leather straps.

I love this woven bag trend and I can’t wait to bring this bag around with me during the spring and summer!

 Round Woven Jute & Leather Bag DIY

Materials & Tools: 2 woven placemats (I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $3 each), Jute yarn, matching thread, leather straps, flat posts, sewing machine with zig-zag stitch, hammer, post setter, leather hole punch.


  • Cut 3 long 45 in. strips of jute yarn. Tie in a loose knot at the end and braid together. When you reach the end, tie in another loose knot. Repeat for 5 braids.
  • Turn your sewing machine on to the zig zag stitch setting. Folding the first braid in half, start to sew back and forth between the braid to connect the strands. Continue to attach more braids when you reach the end by stitching over them. 
  • You’ll be making a long rectangle, so keep sewing back and forth until all of the braids are connected and your rectangle is complete. Back stitch and cut off loose threads
  • Sew your rectangle to one placemat by sewing along the circle edge. Repeat this on the opposite side with the last placemat.
  • To attach your leather straps, punch holes towards the end and post setter to attach the flat posts in place with a hammer. 

Not too bad, right? This is a great afternoon project to take on, especially if you are counting down the days until it is warmer like I am. Have you been crafting for spring yet?!