November 22, 2020

Scripture Advent Calendar Tutorial with Free Download

I love following Advent every Christmas season through a devotion or reading plan. This year, advent seems so appropriate and needed for our hearts to calm down and anticipate the arrival of Christmas. I wanted to make calendar to hang in our hallway to remind us daily of the stories and scriptures of this season leading up to Christmas day. Bonus, my friend Hannah was on board and designed these beautiful scripture cards to fill the pockets with!

You can see the video tutorial here or keep reading for the full instructions!

Head over to Hannah’s blog to download the scripture cards.  

Advent Calendar Tutorial

Materials needed: 1 yard felt, 20 inch dowel rod, rotary cutter, string, sewing machine, scripture cards


•Cut large piece of felt to measure 18.5 x 28
•Cut four pieces of felt to measure 2.75 x 17.5 for the pockets
•Lay out your large piece of felt and measure six inches from the top. Pin one longer rectangle in place.
•Pin the next three pieces 2.5-3 inches down.
•On each longer rectangle, mark every 2.5 inches for the pockets
•Sew along three edges of each longer rectangle and along the vertical lines you marked.
•Fold your calendar in half and trace a plate to make a rounded arch at the bottom
•Fold the top down about 2 inches and sew along the top.
•Insert a dowel rod and tie a string to hang your calendar.
•Print our the free advent scripture cards and fill the pockets!