November 30, 2015

Scripture Advent Calendar | DIY & Free Downlaod

I feel like I am more excited for Christmas this year than I have been in a long time! Jordan and I have started to decorate our home, and we just have a few things to “fill in” and add to make it feel complete. The lights are on the house, tree is up, mantle is half-decorated, and garland feels like it is taking over our dining room. I wanted to be a little more intentional this year and have a visible  reminder of why we celebrate Christmas, so I felt this scripture advent calendar was perfect for the job! This is perfect for the non-DIY-er because you don’t even have to DIY anything if you don’t want to. Just click a few buttons and voila- you can just print it out and hang wherever you like. Or you can just download these to your phone as a background to celebrate Jesus’ birth! Keep reading below if you want to make a wreath and hang up your advent downloads in the middle. If you just want the iPhone background download or each individual scripture, you can find themhere.

MaterialsAdvent Printable Downloads, 13 pieces of card stock paper, leather cord, wire, floral wire, floral garland strands of your choice, hole punch, small command strip.

Steps: First, print and download all scriptures. Cut each paper in half, punch holes in the top corners of each scripture. Thread the leather cord through each hole and make a knot. With your wire, form a large circle to the size you like. Twist the wire at the top to secure together. Using your floral wire, connect your garland all the way around the wire. Use a command strip wherever you want to hang your calendar and hang up the leather cord with the scriptures as well as your garland wreath. 

*You can always skip making a garland wreath and buy one pre-made. I’ll be posting a garland DIY later this week!

You can also check out a different scripture advent download from a few years back I made here. What are your favorite types of advent calendars?