August 16, 2013

Shop Always Rooney

After a lot of thought and outside encouragement, I have decided to sell the projects I make here on Always Rooney. For example, projects like this one, this one, & this one. I usually have plenty of materials left over to make at least one extra (sometimes more). The idea originally was brought to the table by my family at the start of my blog over a year ago and has been brought up multiple times since. I’ve decided to dive right in and make this little feature available after each DIY post, with the exception of a few projects that I can’t ship (table, bed, etc). This includes all past projects, so if there is something you really enjoyed but don’t have the time/confidence/supplies to make it..I’ll help you out:)

At the end of each post from now on, I’ll have a link or email available for you to purchase the item at the end of each post with the amount & quantity I have available. I do a handful of restyles and they are sometimes hard to recreate if I have a limited amount of supplies, so those items will be auctions on eBay. If there is a past DIY you are interested in, shoot me an email and we can talk about getting one your way!

All information is here and I have an etsy shop here.

Thank you again for stopping by my blog and showing so much support. The blogging community is something special, very special.