April 22, 2018

Shop Talk: A Night To Talk About Selling On Etsy

In honor of launching The Shop Guide, I wanted to do something special for some local Etsy sellers here in Tulsa. I asked them to send in some questions they had about Etsy so we could talk openly about them and I could share my experience. I was blown away by the questions that were sent in and really got me thinking more about the common struggles of Etsy sellers. Gathering ten women in a room to share openly about where they were with Etsy and where they want to go was so exciting to me and made me hopeful for where these shops are going to go.

The questions were so good that I am sharing them with my Etsy tips newsletter subscribers. Be sure to get on the list to hear what we talked about. 

My favorite part of the night was when I was finished answering questions and the conversation opened to hear from their experience. We are truly better together! I got to share The Shop Guide with these ladies before anyone else which was equally nerve-wracking and encouraging. I think it actually propelled me further in my launch and helped me finish strong. I’m so thankful for these ladies!

I’m excited about meeting more Etsy sellers through nights like these and continuing the conversation. If you’re building anything, going at a creative venture alone or just stuck wherever you are I highly encourage you to find community to push you further and walk alongside of you!

Special thanks to Monica Burgess for the photos, Kendall Hancock for the place cards and printables, Chelsea Beaudry for co-hosting and to Trader Joes for delicious snacks!