September 24, 2016

Simple Leather Camera Strap | DIY

It was about time I re-made my original Simple Leather Camera Strap DIY since I recently gave my original strap away to a friend. This time, I added some stitching and used a beautiful veg tan leather so it will turn a beautiful color over time. This is a great DIY for your photographer friends, or for yourself!


Materials: Leather veg tan strap (at least 30in.), 2 key rings, hammer, 2 rivets and a rivet setter, leather hole punch, sewing machine with leather needle (optional)

Process: First, cut your leather strap to the length you desire. If you are adding stitching details, stitch along the sides on both edges. Punch a hole about 2 inches from the end on one side of the strap. Feed the strap through a key ring and mark where to punch your next hole. Put the post of the rivet through the back of the strap and connect to the top of the rivet. Set in place with hammer and rivet setter and repeat on opposite side!

I love how simple this strap is and as always with veg tan, it will only get better patina over time! 

Thanks, Rachel, for these photos!