September 19, 2013

Simple Leather Camera Strap | DIY

This is quite possibly the most simple camera strap to make. I always wanted to make my own camera strap but was torn between the look and also making one that was durable. My friend mentioned he was going to make one for his film camera so I went along with his idea. This is a no-sew strap so it is achievable on so many different levels but also is strong enough to carry your camera unlike a camera strap that uses hot glue (I wouldn’t trust that..)

 Materials: Long thin piece of leather (most leather stores have these pre-cut out of scraps), 2 key rings, metal hole punch & hammer (or tool like a crop-a-dile), screw posts.

Cut leather piece to length you like, I cut mine to about 32 inches. Fold one end of leather up, keeping room for the ring to go in, and with your hammer and metal punch make a hole through both layers of leather. Slip ring into where you folded the leather up and secure with screw posts. Repeat on other end. Optional: Decorate with paint pen or even tie embroidery floss around strap. The possibilities are endless.

This is such an easy project to customize to your own liking. I have been using my strap for about four months now and it has held up through lots of summer traveling. I think camera straps are something you want to be strong and durable since it is carrying a load of (pricey) equipment- so with this strap I have found it stands the test of time!

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