May 18, 2017

Simple Leather Napkin Ring | DIY

Last night, a group of friends and I had a potluck dinner in my backyard and I set a simple table for the event. I had extra leather on hand (perks of the business) and linen from a past project. I cut simple 12×12 linen napkins and tied them with strips of leather. Perhaps the easiest DIY ever…the hardest part is getting the materials if you don’t have them already. I made 10 napkins and rings within 30 minutes, I would say that’s a success!

 Simple Leather Napkin Ring DIY

Materials: Rotary cutter, cutting mat, metal ruler and 1 inch leather strips

How-To: Cut your 1 inch leather strip in half with your rotary cutter and metal ruler to keep a straight line. Cut your new leather strip into a 10 inch piece and tie in a knot around your cloth napkin! See, simple!

This project is perfect for a no-fuss table setting! What kind of summer parties do you have coming up?