January 24, 2014

Small Shop Finds

Recently, I’ve really racked up on some great finds through Etsy and other small business shops. I know a few of these makers and it is really cool to see people I know making quality products. It is inspiring. Above, I just received my Andie Makes ear warmer! It fits perfectly, is so soft, and I didn’t know if I would end up wearing it when I ordered it because sometimes earwarmers/headbands can be so bulky, but this one…this one is perfect. Find it HERE.

 I found this plain muslin bags here and have been stamping them with a handmade stamp to package my passport covers in (pssst..I just listed some new covers and wallets!)

 I’m really proud of my home state, Alabama, and I get really stoked seeing people from there come out with great products. I ordered these candles from Great Bear Wax Co around Christmas, and I’m really impressed with the quality and branding. I personally hate things that smell strong, and candles are not usually my thing, but when I found out these were made by local beeswax in Alabama, I was sold. They smell so natural and burn perfectly. Find it HERE.

 This Bible is one of the most treasured things I have. I got it when I was eleven and I have been highlighting, folding, and marking the pages ever since. The old cover was black and faux leather, so I got my friend Madison to rebind it. It was a fun process, we went to the leather store and sifted through the leathers to find one that was the perfect weight and color. She did a fantastic job, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Thanks Madison! You can e-mail Madison about rebinding your bible at madisonhedlund AT gmail DOT com

I found this mexican blanket scarf by Dawnelle Sarlo on Etsy and actually ordered it through a sale she was having on Brickyard Buffalo. Dawnelle does such a great job with her scarves, especially choosing prints that go with the colors of the blanket. I love the stripes with stripes on my scarf. You can find it HERE.

I’ve talked about Jess on here before, she is just all sorts of talented. This kimono is a favorite in my closet. I’m dreaming up ways to wear it for the spring and summer because right now it is being hidden under thick jackets. Jessica just stocked her shop with new kimonos you need to check out. Each piece is completely made my Jessica from pattern to adding on the personalized tag..she is a wiz with a sewing machine. Find it HERE.

Have you bought something from a small business recently? I’m always in the market to support someone who is creating something they have a passion about.