May 6, 2013

So It Begins…

(Springfield to Mumbai)

The time has come. I have been waiting for over a year for this day. The day I travel to India! This is the reason I have been absent lately, I have been packing and preparing for the trip of a lifetime. I’m excited to come back with stories as well as photos. I have a plain journal dedicated solely to this adventure. While I am away, I have a few friends lined up to post on Always Rooney! I know you will love each of them, they all have something great to share. 

It took me a while to pack, I had to decide what was important and what could be left behind. I brought skirts only, and I will (hopefully) wash my clothes while I am there- this saved room while packing! To let you in on a little secret, I even had to pack my own toilet paper…woohoo!

I’m so ready to go, it doesn’t even seem real.

I’ll see you in twelve days…