July 18, 2014

Tapestry iPhone Case | DIY

Raise your hand if you like super cheap and simple do-it-yourself projects! Well if you do, then this is the perfect project for you. I have had this iPhone case for a while now and I always get asked if I made it..so I thought it would be great to finally make my own. I bought my original one at Free People for $28 and made my own for $2. I’d say this project was a win.

 Materials: Thick tapestry fabric or ribbon*, iPhone case (found at JoAnn’s for $2), E6000 glue, Embroidery thread, Needle, Pen & Paper, Sewing machine (optional)

*I used fabric and ribbon from JoAnn’s Fabric. Go to a thrift store and find a vest or bag in a cool pattern, braid leather chord together or cut up a crocheted doily…you can use anything!

Steps: Trace your case on a piece of paper and cut out. Play around with your fabrics and lay out how you want your case to look like. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew your fabrics together how they are layer out (this is optional, but helps cutting your case easier- you can skip this step and just go ahead to embroidering by hand if you want!) Cut your fabric to the size of your case and embroider around the edges with a simple whip stitch. Trace the camera hole on your fabric and cut out- be very careful with this, it is better to have the hole too big than too small. Embroider around the camera hole and anywhere else on your case. Using E6000 glue, glue down the tapestry onto the case and press down. Make sure the edges are glued down well. Cut off excess strings around your case and you are finished!

What is your favorite phone case at the moment?