March 7, 2015

Taste Tested No. 01

Since being married (a whopping two months!), I’ve tried to give cooking another shot. I have never been one to cook anything other than eggs and popcorn, so I have really tried to buckle down and learn a few recipes. There are so many recipes all over the internet and it can be a little overwhelming. To find a new recipe, I usually look at past food pins on my food Pinterest board or search for a specific recipe I have in mind. I throw in a few extra words to narrow down the search like “vegan,” “healthy,” “cost effective.” Jordan and I are not vegan…but I really like the alternatives vegan recipes suggest. I am a fan of substituting sugar and dairy products and seeing how the recipe turns out. Usually, I can’t even tell the difference!

I wanted to check in periodically and share some recipes we’ve tried and liked. Not every recipe on the internet is great, just like how not every DIY project is great. So try one of these recipes out when making your next meal!

These biscuits by Minimalist Baker. So good. We’ve made them five times already. They are really quick and turn out great every time!

This Chili. I don’t put quinoa in it and I also don’t put sugar, I didn’t think that was necessary (why is sugar in everything?!?!) I’ve tried it a few times with sweet potatoes and it was great but I think I like my chili potato-less. It’s worth giving it a shot both ways!

Sweet Potato Tacos. I used to eat sweet potato burritos almost 4 times a week since they make great leftovers, so of course my taste buds loved these tacos. The cashew lime avocado sauce is delicious (not pictured…but still so good, try it made with cashews instead of yogurt!)

Sofritas. Oh man, have you had the Sofritas from Chipotle yet? You need to try them, better yet – make them! I was a little nervous how these would turn out but they were just like the ones from Chipotle and make a great lunch.

Sofritas Tacos. I just used the leftover sofritas and added beans, rice, cabbage, cilantro and this chipotle crema to make tacos.

This blueberry muffin loaf. I’ve made this recipe twice so far, first as a loaf and then as muffins! This is great for a little dessert or an on-the-go breakfast.

I also tried a variation of this vegan pasta sauce (I added two tbsp of vegan butter). I poured it on top of tortellini and peas and it was so tasty!  I like how it is a lighter option than the half & half sauce I usually put on tortellini.

I have my eye on some new recipes that I’m excited to try out week. What recipes are your favorites? Please, please share!

I’ve made a Pinterest board where I move all the “taste test approved” recipes after trying them out. You can follow it here.