December 14, 2013

The Best Is Yet To Come Fabric Calendar | DIY

 With the new year inching closer and closer, my excitement level keeps growing. I originally thought of making this calendar with iron on sheets, but then my sister showed me the nifty trick of printing on fabric! It works like a charm, and looks so much better than iron on since I wanted to use a neutral background.

Materials: 1/2 yard of canvas, Inkjet printer, Calendar Downloads, Thin Wood (I found mine at Michaels), Scroll Saw, Embroidery Thread, Sewing Machine, Wood Stain, Hot Glue, Tape, Card Stock

The Best Is Yet To Come Download //January-June Download// July-December Download

How-To: Print downloads on 8.5 x 11 pieces of canvas. To print on canvas, tape your card stock to the end of the piece of canvas, this helps feed it through the printer. Place canvas side down on in paper slot and print as usual. Do this for all three downloads. Cut around the edges of the canvas. Cut a piece of canvas 13 inches wide and a 16 inches long. Pin your calendar pieces down to the big piece of canvas. Sew in place. Cut a 14.5 inch piece of wood for the top (a paint stirrer stick words as well) and stain. While this is drying, fold your canvas in half (hot dog style) and cut at a 45 degree angle to make the point at the bottom. When wood is finished drying, hot glue to the top of your calendar and add thread or yarn to be able to hang.