October 14, 2015

The Big Green Couch | AFTER

I can’t believe I am FINALLY writing the after post for my couch I reupholstered! There were some days where I thought I’d never see this day come. There is so much to say, so many photos to share and so many details I still haven’t touched on. I will be writing a few other posts with details on how, but for today let’s just focus on the after and what changed. If you missed it, this post is all about the before details and this post is how to find the perfect upholstery fabric.

Quite a bit changed, huh?! For starters, I changed the shape of the arms to make a little more modern and our style. I took off the skirt and re-stained the legs a lighter brown and finished it off with a beautifulfabric from West Elm. Since I changed the shape of the arms, the original size of the cushions were just too tall so I took quite a bit of foam out of the cushions but it is just as comfortable as before! Sometimes it doesn’t even look like the same couch!

I can’t thank my husband enough for not only trusting me to take on this project, but for challenging me to keep making it better. Trust me, there were many moments of sewing, ripping apart and sewing again.  There are lots of flaws and things I probably would’ve done differently. But, despite those things, I am so happy with the result: a comfortable couch that fits our style and is the perfect depth!

Thanks to Boho Pillow& MaeWoven for outfitting my new couch in their perfect pillows! I love how much they add to the couch! The leather pouf is a DIY as well as the indigo and copper coasters and hexagon tray.