August 5, 2015

Picture Frame Countdown | DIY

I almost feel silly for calling this a DIY project because it is SO easy. Seriously. The other day my husband brought up the idea of us making a countdown until our next vacation so I looked around at all the supplies I had on hand and whipped this super simple picture frame countdown in just a matter of 30 minutes. 

I love how easy this was and how I can always use it for another countdown or reuse the frame! In these photos it is in my workroom but I plan on moving it to the kitchen so we can both enjoy it!

 Materials: Picture frame, Print Out or Photo, Staple Gun, Leather Scrap or any kind of fabric, Dry Erase Marker

Steps: Through photoshop or any editing app add a quote and the number of days until your trip on a colorful photo,  print out your photos (I printed on two pieces of paper and taped them together), Put the photo in the frame, Cut a long rectangle of your leather or fabric that will wrap around your marker, Staple in place on the back of your frame, check off each day as you inch closer and closer to vacation!

 *”Shake It Off” print is from this shop.

So I’m sure you guessed it…we are headed to California in just a few weeks! We would love ALL your recommendations – we will be traveling the coast from LA to SF – so bring on your favorite sights, eats, and must sees!