April 11, 2019

The Making of Always Rooney Spring 2019 Collection

This is the first year I’ve launched a limited release collection for Always Rooney and I’m so excited to share how it all came together! First, I came across the perfect yellow leather randomly while shopping for leather, I was nervous to buy it but knew it was the perfect shade that is hard to come by. When I buy leather it is already dyed a color or specific shade so it is difficult to come by large quantities since I have a small brand and I’m not having the leather dyed myself. This made the color selection process pretty interesting.

I looked all over for the perfect colors to play off of the yellow leather and landed on four spring colors to complement the tan and black that will stay as capsule colors in the shop.

After some planning, sketching and prototyping I landed on this clutch design that you can carry by itself or throw it in a larger tote. Plus the wrist strap helps carry the clutch hands free!

These colors were a little outside of my comfort zone since I’ve always used black and brown to create products. With a new season comes new growth so I feel this collection represents that new growth. Things that are going on behind the scenes that you just can’t see yet and new ideas coming to life. It has been so fun to put together that I am already scheming the next collection. (pssst it will be so different!)

Not only did I release new colors but a new product: leather journals! I have always kept a journal since I was young. I journal every morning and often at night to write out my thoughts, prayers, ideas and gratitude lists. I have seen so much growth in my life from this and looking back on years of journaling is the quickest way to turn a day around because I’m rereading moments of God’s faithfulness. You don’t need a fancy journal to start but sometimes a pretty one is just the inspiration you need.

Every journal can be customized with a different quote or name in gold foil. Plus, they fit perfectly in the round leather bag!

It has been so fun to create a limited edition collection and has really stretched my creativity. I can’t wait for the next one!

Colors are limited and a few colors only have one or two products left!