April 23, 2019

The Simple Joy of Making Something

This past weekend I spent some time making things around the house. First, my plan was to makethis dress and call it quits. But the creating bug bit me and it ended up being such a fun weekend making little things here and there. 

That’s what originally started this blog, Always Rooney, that has over the years turned in to a brand. I personally needed this past weekend. I needed to be reminded of the simple joy of making something for fun..even when they didn’t turn out perfectly. For me, my view of God enlarges every time I slow down to create for fun. I think that’s with anything you’re gifted in. Whether that be creativity, speaking, writing, dancing, running, caring for others, cooking…I think He uses these things to connect with us more personally. 

I’ve been thinking about how God is The Master Weaver. He takes everything – good and bad- and weaves it together making sure there are no loose threads. Have you looked at fabric closely and noticed how many threads make up just one square inch? Hundreds! He weaves people, stories, purposes, triumphs and tragedies and makes everything beautiful in its time. 

Schedule in more time to just create or whatever you are gifted in or whatever simply brings you joy!

Here are the tutorials for what I made in case you’re itching to make something!

Linen Slip Dress (I made mine into a skirt), A Linen Tank (no tutorial yet, just copied a shirt I already had), No Knead Bread and Simple Flower Arrangements