June 12, 2013

Those Thrifted Items That Clog Your Closet..

I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees something and has a huge vision for it in the thrift store but the project never seems to pass, or in a different lighting I am not as in love with that vintage floral skirt like I was when I saw the $2 price tag in the store. I’ve had my thrifting ups and downs and a lot of the time my thrifted items gather much more dust in the back of my closet than they were in the thrift store. Here are some tips on getting rid of those items you never use…

1. Restyle

 Of course this was your original plan in the store, think back to that original vision of how great that skirt could be now made into a backpack and actually sit down and do it! I find myself restyling projects I thought of months before…sometimes you just need some discipline and/or motivation. Score the internet for inspiration, there is literally every restyle you can think of on the internet, but don’t spend too long on there, I always find it most helpful when I take out my notebook and just start doodling out what is in my head.

2. Invest

When you are looking to make a few extra bucks, take your thrifted items that look like they are in good shape to a local resale shop. They will give you cash for your items! I have also come across the rare free people item and sold it on ebay to gain some extra cash, this is a great way to turn a thrifting hobby into a money-maker. Also: you aren’t keeping the item so you aren’t hoarding stuff you don’t need.

3. Give

Now in this, I don’t mean give away to your friends as a birthday gift they don’t want. Truly put thought into it-think of your friends and if any of your thrifted finds would be loved more by your friends. Make sure to offer it to them and if they don’t see a use for it don’t pressure them into taking it;)

4. Donate

Of course this isn’t the first thing you may want to do-especially after purchasing something then turning around to have it donated again…but sometimes this option is best. Let someone else have the joy in finding that awesome patchwork vest at the local goodwill instead of letting it collect dust.

4. Resolve

Now that you have found what to do with those items you probably shouldn’t have bought, or just never used resolve to be smarter as you thrift! Sure its great to thrift, but you don’t have to buy everything while thrifting. Buy  only what you love and have use for.

If you choose to restyle, here are a few links to some restyle tutorials: crochet trim skirt, lace skirt,  cut out sleeves, denim jacket with scarf sleeves .