April 23, 2016

Three Simple DIY Projects You Can Try This Weekend!

Sometimes I look around our home and I’m surprised at how many things are a DIY project I did a while back. I try to be intentional about the things I make and spend my time on so they will serve a purpose. Not every DIY is a winner, but throughout the years I’ve made many things that I still use. Here are three tested DIY’s that you can try this weekend!

1. Macrame Floral Wrap

If you have a friend you want to celebrate this weekend, go to the farmers market and pick up some fresh florals to send their way! What is better than flowers & macrame? In my opinion, nothing is.

2. Leather Sunglasses Case

I love this case! I use it every single day and have even given them as gifts and added them to my Etsy shop! You can whip this up in 15 minutes- it is the perfect summer accessory!

3. Floral Vans Restyle

I believe it has been about two years since I restyled these blank canvas vans and I still wear them! I am so surprised at how well they’ve held up. Sure, they don’t look brand new…but I still get asked “Where did you get those?!” every time I wear them!

I hope this small roundup of DIY’s gave you a little nudge to go out and make something this weekend.

Let me see what you are making by tagging @alwaysrooney and #saturDIYing on Instagram!