May 24, 2015

Three Years Of Blogging + What Is Next

Well here we are three years from the start of my blog. I knew when I started this would be a fun journey and a way to share ideas but I never thought I would be stretched, have a full time job stem from a simple DIY project and have many opportunities to meet new people and work with people I admire. I’m excited to look forward to more exciting moments on Always Rooney, new projects and bigger dreams and goals to work toward.

You know the quote “Start something today your future self will be proud of”? That is so true. Start something today, start small if you have to. I am so glad I started three years ago and three years from now who knows where I’ll be, who knows where you’ll be!

So this year there will be new stuff coming to the blog of Always Rooney like home updates, couch renovations (my hands have the cuts to prove it), recipes, and of course new simple DIY projects. As for the other part of the Always Rooney brand, my shop, I have an exciting project launching in the next month that you’ll be able to be a part of!

Thanks for tagging along on this fun journey of mine.

What has been your favorite project or post over the past three years? What else would you like to see  on this space?