August 13, 2013


Photos by Chase & Ari Kennedy

Jacket: DIY//Shirt: J.Crew//Necklace,Shorts & Bag: Free People//Shoes: c/o RopeSouls

It is easy to think that life has a timeline: graduate atthisage, move out atthisage, become successful atthisage and retire atthisage. My dad brought up something that really stuck out to me: we don’t have to live on a timeline. Life isn’t a race, opportunity doesn’t leave you as you grow up, and not everyone’s timelines are the same. Sometimes it is okay to slow down (something I need to learn.. I even take shopping at the grocery store as a race). Even when you have dreams & goals, don’t feel like you have to get them done right away…work at them to the best of your ability and watch them grow and unfold before you. This is your life, your story, on your own timeline.


P.S. why does summer have to end?!