September 6, 2013

Tips To Successful Crafting

 Sometimes it can be frustrating to want to fill up your house with do-it-yourself projects you find online and when you finish, the result is a flop or sub-par. I’ve made a list of things that really help me when I start a new project and I hope this helps you out!

>>Always start with a plan this includes if you have a tutorial to follow, or you are making it up on your own. Start with a plan and if that plan changes, allow it to! Starting with a plan will direct your steps.

>>Buy all supplies before-hand this makes the crafting process smoother.

>>Stock up your craft supply closet this will happen over time, but it is really a time and money saver in those moments where you forget something at the store!

>>Ask for help if you read a tutorial and are confused, comment or e-mail the author of the tutorial and ask for more direction. Chances are if you have questions, other people have questions too so you are helping others out as well. When you are getting your supplies at the store, ask an employee if you need help finding the perfect leather or chain for your necklace.

>>Sketch it out no matter how bad/good you think you are at drawing, sketch it out! I do this for every project I start and even add measurements and materials I’m going to use. This really helps my focus and to see if the project is going to work out before I get started.

>>Do your research if you are unsure about a project, try browsing around on the internet a little further to try to get a grip on what you are doing.

>>Take your time as you are crafting think three steps ahead (kind of like chess!).

>>Measure & Measure again this one is difficult for me because I am not a perfectionist and I really don’t take time to measure things. I’m learning to get better because this step can save you so much time and money! You can always cut things smaller but it will add on five extra steps to make it the right size again after a wrong snip.

>>Try new things as you branch out in projects, materials and techniques the more knowledge you will gain. This will make other projects seem like a breeze when you know more about the tools and materials you are using.

>>Try again every success story has numerous failures behind it. The only way to get good at something is to practice it!

With everything, practice makes perfect and the more you craft the better you will become! Have fun crafting.