January 29, 2014

Triangle Wood & Brass Cuff | DIY

Today, I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to take a quick break and make this cuff. It was beyond simple and just the creative outlet I needed today. 

Materials: Thin Wood (You can find it at your local craft store thin enough to cut with scissors), Wood Stain, Gorilla Glue or E6000 glue, Brass Cuff (craft store in the jewelry section)

Steps: Draw out your shape on the wood, cut with scissors or use skill saw to cut out. You can also use pre-cut wood shapes found at your craft store, I just had this wood on hand so it made it easier for me. Stain your shapes and then use your glue to attach. Hold in place until the glue sets a little bit. 

 Is the middle of the week getting you down? Sometimes the middle of my week is much more difficult than my monday. Today for work, I have been listening to encouraging messages and taking small breaks to make quick crafts, like this cuff. Take a break, make something (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) and get back to your week. Enjoy!