August 25, 2017

Turning A Water Heater Closet Into A Pantry | Before & After

In a small home, we are always looking for ways to maximize the space we have. When our water heater was relocated to the outside of our home, we had the perfect spot for a pantry! This closet sits right beside our refrigerator so it makes more sense for us to have our food in one general area. Now, we also have a large cabinet freed up for small appliances, dishes and other kitchen items.

To learn how I turned an old water heater closet into a bright open space pantry, check out The Home Depot Blog! Now let’s look at the before and after:

Here is what the pantry looked like after we removed the hot water heater…

Now, we have a clean, bright space that is open pantry storage.

It is still a small pantry, but it feels like a luxury to have a designated place for organizing our food and cleaning items. Does anyone else love organizing their food in clear storage canisters like I do?! 

You can see the process and how-to on The Home Depot Blog today! This was a dream for me to work with The Home Depot on a home project and I loved the whole process of seeing something useless turn into something we use everyday. I hope this inspires you to love the space you’re in and think of new ways to maximize the room you have!

This project is brought to you by The Home Depot. A company I personally love and was thrilled to work with on this project! All designs and opinions are my own.