February 13, 2019

Updated Always Rooney Studio Tour

 The last time I shared a studio tour was over a year ago and a lot has changed! Looking at it now vs then, it is more “full” but I feel more inspired than ever when I walk in to this space.

Whether it’s a spare bedroom, a closet, your dining room table or a warehouse, I believe your surroundings matter and can truly inspire better work. When I first started, I had a tiny bedroom with a workbench on one side and a twin bed on the other (see it here).  To be in this space I pinch myself sometimes!

Shiplap tutorial here.

With every new season, I’ve been having the best times making new mood boards above my sewing machine. Here is a peek at a previous mood board.

 That sign is actually for my vendor booths but seeing it up there on the wall everyday just makes me so happy and inspired to get good work done.

I still love this cabinet I found in our old shed!

(click for the before & after)

 I have SO many scraps of leather. In 2019 I am focusing on repurposing old scraps and making sure waste is decreased.

 I’m excited to usethis gold foil press on all future products!

Thats the studio!