September 6, 2016

Updating Our Front Entry with Schlage® Smart Deadbolt

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I had the exciting opportunity to work with Schlage® to bring you this post. All thoughts, opinions and renovations are my own. Products and compensation were provided to allow me to create unique content to bring to you!

I have too many stories to count that start with “I locked myself out of the house today…”. Usually the timing is terrible and Jordan is at work (without a way to come help since we share a car) or we lost our spare keys or better yet I was on my way to an important engagement and already running behind. I got pretty good at resolving the issue over the last year and a half, since it happened so many times. I even mentioned “we should get a keypad lock!” once or twice but it was always pushed to the back of our minds. 

I was updating our front entryway around the time when I learned about Schlage® Locks. The timing was perfect since I knew this would also bring an updated look to our door as well as fix my locked out of the house problem. 

 I was so excited when I opened the package to our new lock, I immediately installed it that Saturday afternoon. I was surprised at how easy the installation went, and creating new codes was a breeze. 

I was drawn to the Schlage® Sense because of the modern lines, clean look and the most obvious reason: keyless entry! We live in an updated 1930’s cottage and I have enjoyed integrating modern updates throughout the house that function better and fit our style more than the traditional updates. Recessed lighting, electrical outlets, central air, and now a deadbolt we can control with our phone are all modern updates I’m thankful for in this old home. One reason we were apt to choose Schlage® is because not only are they a trusted brand with 95 years of experience, but they are evolving with technology and trends so I don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Just look at that outside door handle! It completely updates the look of the door.

Jordan and I also love the feature of adding additional codes for friends and family members. When we go out of town, it is as simple as creating a new code and sending it to a friend for them to watch over our home while we are gone. We can add up to 19 codes and delete them when necessary. The keypad lights up with an LED down lighting and is also fingerprint resistant, which keeps the safety of our home a priority. No more hiding keys under the mat for us!

^before Schlage® Sense and our entryway makeover.


Overall, Jordan and I are thrilled with our new Schlage® Sense Deadbolt and Door handle. We show it off when people come over and even go through the front door more often just so we can use it! I guess that means we may need to install one in our back door too 😉 If you’d like to learn more about the Schlage Sense Deadbolt, visit!

I am learning that the small details like this really do matter in updating your home, and sometimes can be the most exciting! Now, I’m even more excited to update the exterior of our home and porch. Stay tuned on an inspiration board for that and a DIY for the door mat!

Thanks to Schlage® for allowing me to learn about their products by updating our front door and entryway. All opinions are my own, and I truly care about sharing products I genuinely love here on Always Rooney. Thanks for reading and supporting this blog so I can continue to create unique content.