January 14, 2018

Weekly Notes | No. 4

photos by Beth Solano

1. This week my friend from college came and took photos of Jordan and me in our home. The last time we’ve had pictures taken was on our wedding day, so this was fun to do for our third anniversary! Beth did an amazing job at making it light hearted and fun 😉

2. Today we leave for Disney World! My friend Ember helped us book our trip, so check her out if your are planning a vacation soon!

3. Of course with the new year I’ve been pinning tons of healthy recipes on my Pinterest board: Healthy Crap.

4. Along with the goals I’ve created for the year, I’ve been working on simple habits that feed the bigger goals. For example, carrying a book with me wherever I go, starting and finishing the day with reading (I’m good at the starting, just working on the finishing as opposed to watching a tv show before bed), and sending friends voice memos or written letters.

5. Speaking of carrying a book around with me, I’m plotting out what the perfect handbag would be for me. The top of the list is big enough for a book, but I’m curious what your must-haves are for a purse. I asked this on instagram and most people said lots of pockets and a place specifically for keys.

6. “When our souls are fed, we find ourselves more motivated and encouraged in all other areas of our life” Anna from In Honor Of Design.

7. These videos are so insightful and unpack the Bible in a beautiful way.