February 25, 2018

Weekly Notes | No.7

Ahh Sunday. This week felt very productive thanks to my new iPad Pro. I’ve been planning on upgrading from my regular iPad for a while now and finally did it this week and I’m so mad I didn’t do it sooner. If you’re thinking of getting one – do it! My favorite app is Procreate.

If you’re looking for an amazing, large, under $400 rug this is what you’re looking for. We don’t need any more rugs at the moment so please someone get this one! And if you’re curious, this is the one we have in our living room.

This article made me excited to go back to Tokyo this summer.

You may not know that I also have a business that designs and sells tire covers. This week we released a new floral state design, check it out here!

Every Sunday I make a big lunch. Last Sunday I made this sausage and veggie bake (pictured above, subbing sausage instead of chicken) and today I am making this winter soup. I move all recipes that I’ve tried and liked to my taste tested board if you ever need a tried and true recipe to try!

This episodewas one of my favorites this season on Fixer Upper. 

I’ve been wanting to make more projects just because…which was the whole reason I started this blog. So this week my goal is to make something out of supplies I already have to stretch my creative muscles more. 

Hope you enjoy your sunday! I am finishing up a very exciting free resource this week, so stay tuned if you are looking for Etsy seller tips (and sign up here to be the first to know!)