May 27, 2016

What’s in My DIY Toolbox

I often get emails asking me what my favorite tools are or where in the world you should start with buying tools for a successful project. The correct tools are imperative for a successful DIY. I’ve tried to improvise many times and the DIY didn’t turn out half as good as it would have if I would have just invested or borrowed the tool from a friend. Remind me to tell you the time Jordan and I needed to hang a light in our kitchen and tried to hack away at a piece of wood with a lousy knife 😉

Put the wimpy knives away, this list is exactly what you need to start attempting those projects that have been on your DIY Pinterest board for years now.

Hot Glue Gun / Drill & Drill Bits / Rotary Cutter / Canon 60D / 50mm Lens / 24mm Lens / Baby Lock SewingMachineCrop-O-Dile / Fabric Scissors&Paper Scissors / Staple Gun / Cutting Mat

Cricut / Wacom Writing Tablet

Some of these tools are larger purchases so if you are wanting to start at ground zero, I would recommend just getting a hot glue gun and a great pair of fabric scissors! Although I love the Cricut and it is an awesome tool to have, I barely use it-but it definitely is a luxury when I want to cut out something intricate. I actually won it in a contest, so that is how it got in my toolbox!

That sewing machine got me through my first year and a half with my leather goods shop…I can’t believe it made it that long and is still chugging along! I now have an industrial sewing machine for my leather goods but if you are looking into getting a sewing machine I can’t recommend Baby Lock enough!

With anything, if you are looking in to tools to buy I would take in to account how often you’ll use it and research, research, research! (This is my motto).

Next on my list, I would love a Miter Saw! What are your must-have DIY tools?

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