January 18, 2016

When You Choose The Wrong White Paint

I hoped to title this “Our freshly painted white walls” but unfortunately, this paint job did not turn out as I dreamt it up in my head and pinterest boards. I’ve been wanting to paint our kitchen for a few months and felt like this past weekend was the right time to do it. I picked out a few whites at Lowes and after a few days of ruling other shades out, I got to work!

I chose Pure White from Sherwin Williams (which was wrongly advertised as the “color of the year” at the home improvement store). Even though I held it up to my walls for a few days, I still went with it and once I put it on the wall I knew something was not right. I figured maybe it just needed a few coats. So after fully painting the kitchen (which is very small…so don’t worry it didn’t take too long), I stood back and decided it was not right.

The white is so white…it looks un-tinted and makes everything else seem so dull and gray. I mean, I love white as much as everyone else in the white fan club but this just wasn’t working. I’ve gone through a few scenarios of what would be best for the kitchen since it is mainly one little wall. I even explored fun wallpapers but until I fall deeply in love with a wallpaper as much as this one, I decided to stick with white. This time, I’ll be a little wiser while choosing the shade. Thankfully, paint is just paint and doesn’t have many repercussions except a small bill and a couple hours of time wasted learning lessons.

You know that feeling you get after a project and you just think “why did I not do this sooner?” or “this turned out just as I hoped”?! Well this was not the case. Usually, those are the types of projects I showcase here on my blog, but I thought it would be nice to share that not everything turns out Pinterest-worthy or just as you thought it would.

Have you made anything lately that didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped? Please tell me I’m not the only one here 😉