May 28, 2016

Simple Wood Cutting Board | DIY

If you don’t have any crazy Memorial Day plans and want to feel accomplished by putting forth minimal effort, I have an incredibly easy DIY for you. I wasn’t even planning on posting this since it is SO easy…but every home needs a well loved wood cutting board. I remember ours growing up, it was heavy and sturdy and well loved. I don’t think I appreciated it enough until I moved out and didn’t have a trusty cutting board. I had some leftover wood from Jordan’s desk (which I’ll post about soon…here is a preview), and I knew it would be the perfect cutting board. It was way cheaper than buying a new one and it is just more fun to use something daily that you made with your own two hands!

 Materials: Piece of wood (we used Aspen), Miter Saw, Sander, Sandpaper in a fine grit, Butcher Block Oil, Old rag, Rubber feet

Process: Cut your piece of wood to the size you want your cutting board to be. Our kitchen is rather small, so I made sure it would fit comfortably on the counter and not take up too much space. Sand down your piece of wood going with the grain until it is smooth. Don’t forget the sides and corners! Using your old rag, treat the wood slab with butcher block oil, following the instructions on the bottle. I treated mine 4 times letting the oil soak for 20 minutes in between. Finally, adhere the rubber feet to the bottom four corners of the cutting board.

 If you have a Trader Joes, PLEASE try this yogurt. It is amazing!

See how simple it is? I imagine it will only get better with age. Do you have a tried and true wood cutting board?