January 24, 2014

Wood & Leather Clutch | DIY

 After making this no sew wallet, I have been on a no sew kick.. so here is another clutch idea for you! This is such a simple project, and so versatile…you should give it a shot.

 Materials: Thin wood found at the craft store, Black Paint, White paint pen, E600 glue, Leather, clasp, scroll saw, sand paper, Crop-o-dile or other hole punch

Steps: Draw out the side shapes, I used my hand as a pattern to make an egg shape.  Cut your shapes with your scroll saw. Sand down the sides of your egg shapes and paint. After they are dry, draw out a pattern with your paint pen. Then cut a rectangle of leather, make sure to measure it around your shapes to make sure it will go all the way around. Glue the leather to the edges of your shapes, leaving room for the flap to go up and down. Make a hole on the front flap and attach your clasp. Fill with your new clutch with your must-have items! 

 This would also be great turned into a purse by just adding a long strap! I love how the wood gives it structure, but the pattern and the leather give it a boho look. Two of my favorite things.