March 5, 2014

Wood & Leather Wallet | DIY

This project is a spin off ofthis clutch and this no-sew wallet. I love the size of this wallet and how it can hold just the necessities! These would be great to hold business cards, credit cards, change or cash. 

 Materials: Thin wood (you can find this at your local craft store), Leather scraps, Leather glue, Stud grommets, Drill, Crop-o-dile/heavy duty hole punch, sand paper, paint and a scroll saw or skill saw.

Steps: Cut your wood by tracing around a credit card leaving about an inch on every side. Cut a rectangle of leather that is a half inch larger than your cards and a flap piece the same length. Hole punch each corner of your leather and glue down your leather around the edges leaving the top open. Drill a hole through the wood where the hole punches are. Secure the grommets in place. Paint the back of your wood and sand down the sides.