December 1, 2012

Wooden Beads | DIY

Today’s DIY was created by my boyfriend, Brandon! He used to make these beads a few years ago and I’m so glad he agreed to teach me how to make them. You can make these beads whatever shape you want and how round or not-so-round that you want.

1. Materials: Wood of your choice, Drill, Chisel/File, Table Saw or Regular saw, Sand paper

2. Trim wood to squares

3. Cut your wood down to a cube a little larger than the size bead you want.

4. Drill a hole through your cube. Remember to go with the grain and start with a small drill bit and work your way up to a larger drill bit the size of chord you are going to use

5. Using the chisel (the end of your file) on the corners of the cube, trim down the cube until the edges are pretty rounded (kind of like an octagon)

6. File the edges of your bead and sand until you find the shape you are looking for!

7. String your beads for a necklace, or a bracelet, or anything you want! Paint them or stain them if you please. *If you decide to paint your beads, string them through a cord so you don’t paint over the hole.

I’ll be putting my beads on a leather cord for a necklace! I can’t wait to make more and paint them all different colors.

Thanks Brandon for contributing your bead making skills to Always Rooney! I had so much fun making these with you.