December 9, 2015

Wooden Hanging Fruit Basket | DIY

If I’m being honest, this is one of my favorite DIY projects I’ve ever done! I had the idea in my head for a while before executing it because I wanted to find the perfect wood bowls. Target came to the rescue (per usual) and had the ultimate wood platters for this project. Thanks for always showing up, Target! Here is a super easy and rewarding wooden hanging fruit basket DIY! It is sure to get you to eat your daily dose of fruit.

Materials: 3 Wooden Bowls in small to large sizes (I used this medium platter, this large platter & one of these bowls), Rope, Wooden Beads, Drill, Succulents, Metal ring, Ruler

Steps: First, measure where you want your holes to go. Evenly space three holes and drill a large enough hole for your rope to slide through. Slide the first end of your rope through from the outside going in and make a secure knot. Make another knot about 3 inches up for your wooden beads to slide over. Slide on your wooden beads and measure how tall you want your first tier to be (I used bananas as a good rule of thumb). Slide the rope through the hole on the second wood tier and tie a knot. Continue all the way up until each tier has wood beads and is secure with a knot. Continue all around on each wood bowl. Plant your succulents if in the top tier (or save that for extra fruit). Once you are finished, tie the three rope strands to a metal ring and hang proudly in your kitchen! 

I made a quick video about the fruit basket and you can watch it on my Instagram!

The result is totally satisfying and it makes me smile every time it is full of fruit and proudly hanging in our kitchen.

Special thanks to my friend, Rachel for taking these photos and shooting the video this DIY!