September 16, 2016

Wooden Welcome Mat | DIY

 As you probably saw in theupdated front entry post, we have a new welcome mat! I know a wooden doormat is not the most functional projects, but I love the simplicity of a mat like this because I’ve yet to find a regular door mat that I love. They all seem a little cheesy or quirky, which is great, but not necessarily what I’m looking for. Ever since I saw this doormat by The Merrythought, I had it on my list to make my own. I mixed inspiration from the girls at The Merrythoughtand Mandi from Vintage Revivals to create this welcome mat.

Materials: 8 ft. 1×4 board, 6 ft. 1×2 piece of wood, Plywood cut to your welcome mat dimensions, Wood Glue, Nail Gun or small screws, Miter Saw, Satin polyurethane or clear coat of your choice.

Steps: Move your miter saw to cut a 30 degree angle. I moved mine all the way to the left. Cut your first piece by lining up the saw blade and the corner of the piece of wood. Mark on your saw (or use tape to guide you) where the corner matched up. Flip the board over, line the edge to your tape and cut again. Continue making cuts until you have enough to cover your plywood. Glue the triangles together on the plywood and let dry. Cut your 1×2’s to size to frame in the plywood and triangles. Using wood glue first, attach around the edges and then reinforce with a nail gun or small screws. Seal your welcome mat with polyurethane and let it dry completely!

Without sealing your mat, it can get dirty pretty quick but sealing it can allow you to simply wipe it off. Have fun DIY-ing!