January 31, 2013

You crazy weather, you! | Outfit

Outfit details: Sweater & Dress: Free People//Monogram necklace: Etsy//Spike necklace: handmade// Boots: Steve Madden

This weather I tell you…73 and perfect on Monday and then snowing and 30 on Thursday. Why can’t we just all agree to keep the weather thermostat at 73 outside? Sound good? I think so..

Anyways, I found this article a while back and immediately mapped out how far it would be to go visit this tree house. 

The treehouse has been closed down to visitors by the state, but would be a great place to go and check out. I tend to start lofty projects and give up because it isn’t what I hoped it would turn out to be, or isn’t as simple as I hoped..but ever since I read this article a few months back I realized sometimes you just have to take a step back and evaluate the task, keep in mind the original vision, tweak a couple things and get back to it! 

I found Horace’s story about the Minister’s treehouse so inspiring, hopefully it will inspire you as well.

[Read more about the story here]


*All photos by my brother, Chase Kennedy